Position Overview


Our client is a professional services firm that enables organizations to deploy enterprise business processes in the cloud. The firm’s core offering is designing and building products for Salesforce ISV partners and emerging ServiceNow Technology partners. The company also provides a range of services to Salesforce customers and on other SaaS platforms. We also believe in having fun while doing it.


Solution Architects wear a lot of hats. This role combines design, product management and delivery all into one brain. Solution Architects are responsible for making software development projects come to fruition while delighting clients so they beg for more. In this job, you will support the Project Manager in managing budgets of all sizes, excessive client expectations, surly developers, aloof architects, and an omnipresent clock loudly ticking away the days on your precious release plan. With the patience of a preschool teacher and the brawn of a linebacker, Solution Architects collaborate with Project Managers and Technical Architects to focus on the scope while balancing quality, cost, and schedule. Besides spending a significant amount of time communicating, you may also design, build, and test significant portions of software applications. Because the position straddles the business and technical realms, Solution Architects are exposed to more case studies than MBA hopefuls.

Success Predictors

You love a challenge and your friends tend to find you a bit too analytical. You are curious, able to gather detailed information from clients easily and can devise a solution from several possible alternatives. You’ll need the verbal and written dexterity to describe your ideas to both geeks and Luddites. You like to win graciously.

Those architects who find our type of work a good fit have the following characteristics:

  • You love the agile manifesto and enjoy helping organizations find better ways to deliver value to their customers.
  • You have the ability to become a trusted advisor through deep knowledge and charm while leading clients to a solution.
  • You enjoy building apps that solve client needs elegantly.
  • You have the ability to balance tensions between competing parties while building consensus toward solving the highest priority problems.
  • You are able to synthesize a client’s market strategy, product strategy and requirements into a strategic roadmap and sprint plan.
  • You put a high value in collaboration with both the client and your project team and believe transparency is crucial for a successful delivery.
  • You work fast on your feet as a leader in order to make smart decisions on what gets built.
  • You're bored silly with deploying Salesforce CRM, but get excited about doing the custom stuff on Force.com.
  • You've worked at one of our bigger competitors and are ready to go where work quality and employee happiness reign over the profit-at-any-cost paradigm.
  • You have deployed an AppExchange product into a Salesforce org.
  • You spot bugs, UI improvements, and better ways to present information on almost every website or software application you use.
  • You're a human can of Raid - you know what bugs are, how to describe them in detail and have an insatiable need to kill them (or get them put into budget for the next project phase).
  • When someone at a party asks what you do, you’d rather say “I solve problems” than “I’m in software.”
  • You raise issues quickly instead of sweeping them under the carpet. You are not afraid to ask for help.
  • You are well practiced at delivering tough messages to clients and to your team members.
  • You are self motivated and break out in hives if things go unfinished.
  • You know how to lead, communicate with, and motivate software developers.
  • You care more about content than form, unless it's about UI design, in which case you care about elegance and powerful simplicity.
  • You wake up in the morning thinking about how to make software better.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Establish relationships with customers to understand and manage to desired business outcomes
  • Collaborate with other consultants, product owners, and clients across multiple project teams.
  • Determine the critical path for client success
  • Provide solution design and architecture leveraging a variety of SaaS platform and web technologies
  • Choose solution paths that balance the competing priorities of budget, time, quality, scope, platform strengths/weaknesses, and team resource capability....all while keeping an eye towards product strategy
  • Communicate clearly to a variety of audiences from C-level to product manager to developer to brand new user
  • Own customer relationships and deliver long term value from inbound leads
  • Drive the delivery of revenue generating products with internal and external teams
  • Team sell with business development managers and other sales team members 
  • Lead discovery engagements with Technical Architects, User Experience Specialists, Product Owners, and other team members as needed 
  • Own the delivery of major work products from discovery
  • Build and enable project teams to deliver engagements
  • Help create estimates for engagements

Experience Required

  • 5+ years professional experience
  • Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or Computer Science plus 3 years of experience as a Computer Software Professional.
  • 3+ years consulting experience
  • Deep Force.com platform knowledge and hands on expertise
  • Experience with business process definitions, refactoring and best practices
  • Expertise in writing user stories to capture Salesforce requirements
  • Understanding of key concepts for user centered design and design thinking 
  • Strong client and project team management ability

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