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Position Overview


The Salesforce CRM Manager is responsible for creating and delivering value by automating and supporting the business applications that support the Agency Growth Plan. The main responsibility of this position is to collaborate directly with field management, field sales, marketing, IT and other key stakeholders throughout the organization to better understand existing processes and execute against new business requirements, as well as help users execute the functions and processes within the Salesforce.com platform. In this role, the CRM Manager will be required to train and facilitate against key business processes and activities that will help ensure that the Agency achieves its business goals. This position will be part of the National Sales team, have management responsibilities and work seamlessly with Agency Operations and Marketing.

To be successful as a Customer Relationship Manager, this position will possess excellent communication skills and maintain the core values of the company. The CRM Manager will conduct quality assurance surveys to determine customer satisfaction, promote user adoption, develop business performance reporting and use these findings to improve on areas of focus and impact as defined by Agency Leadership. Working as a Customer Relationship Manager, this position will work closely with Marketing, Agency Management, Agency Reps and support staff to ensure that all client relationships are managed profitably and with high customer satisfaction and new business opportunities are identified and closed successfully.   

Customer Relationship Manager Responsibilities:

  • Lead role of managing the business’s day-to-day customer relations protocols, their refinement, CRM segmentation, customer personas, and product recommendation programs and platforms
  • Manages key vendor relationship and databases, assists in formulating go-to-market strategies, strategy execution, asset deliverable management, as well as support the testing of all multi-channel communications.
  • Tasked with overseeing the creation of models against lifetime value, retention, churn, loyalty, and advocacy programs.
  • Plays an active role in the formation of ongoing CRM strategies as well as the weekly/monthly/annual departmental calendars that enable the continuous and consistent testing, learning, and optimization in order to maximize Agents lifetime value.
  • Structure CRM activities with a view of maximizing KPI improvement, RIO and business improvement.
  • Tasked with Agency-wide customer analytics and behavioral reporting, for example, responsible for the development of customer segmentation models along with internal and external analysis based on common characteristics inclusive of customer size, age, location and other demographics. 
  • Drive the continuous optimization of product development recommendations, cross sell up sale activities leveraging segmentation data.
  • Performs customer journey mapping and analyses business touch-points in order to increase business opportunities. 
  • Work closely with various departments inclusive of Agency Management and other key stakeholders including IT and Marketing to understand data feeds in and out of the CRM as well as associated marketing activities. 
  • Tasked with conducting post-campaign analytics for the purpose of realizing recommendations for future CRM campaigns.
  • Build and maintain strong working relationships with Agency personnel.
  • Oversee customer relationship and Agency performance reporting. 
  • Resolve User complaints quickly and efficiently.
  • Keep Users updated on the latest products in order to increase sales.
  • Aid in upselling and cross-selling products and services to the Agent network.
  • Understand key customer individual needs and addressing these through segmentation reporting.
  • Meet with Agency managers and reps regularly to plan strategically.
  • Conduct business performance reviews with Agency management using CRM and other data and reporting tools.
  • Understand competition activities and strategies and be able to create competitive advantages


Customer Relationship Manager Requirements:

  • A minimum of 5-7 years’ experience with SFDC platform.
  • Excellent communication skills that will ensure effective conveyance of information and execution of duties in a cross-functional setting.
  • Possess strong analytical skills coupled with project management and planning skills.
  • Demonstrated knowledge in CRM segmentation, campaign management, direct marketing, offer management, data mining, interactive marketing, database marketing, and email marketing.
  • Create reports and strategic proposals that will be presented to the Agency Leadership and, as such, must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills that will ensure these reports and presentations are clear, concise, and convincing.
  • Possess excellent communication skills that will guarantee the ability to acquire accurate information and be able convey properly back to the business, in order to improvement of CRM initiatives. Proficient in all Microsoft applications.
  • Strong understand of all company products and services. 
  • A team player with solid leadership and management skills.
  • Maintain a positive attitude focused on internal and external customer satisfaction.
  • A bachelor’s degree in Administration or related field.




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