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AWS Security Governance at Scale

AWS Security Governance at Scale

Course Overview

The AWS Security Governance at Scale course will help solutions architects, DevOps engineers, and security engineers. You’ll learn how to automate your cloud governance so that you can retire manual processes through AWS security and governance services and concepts. In this 1-day, classroom training course, an expert AWS instructor will dive deep into concepts that help you provide decision makers with the visibility, control, and governance necessary to protect sensitive data and systems. You’ll apply key services, concepts, and best practices through tutorials, hands-on labs, discussions, demonstrations, presentations, and group exercises.

Skills Gained

  • Establish a landing zone with AWS Control Tower
  • Configure AWS Organizations to create a multi-account environment
  • Implement identity management using AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) users and groups
  • Federate access using AWS SSO
  • And much more

Who Can Benefit

  • Solutions architects
  • Security DevOps engineers
  • Security engineers


  • Knowledge and experience with AWS services, such as AWS Control Tower, AWS Service Catalog, AWS Config, and AWS Systems Manager
  • We recommend that attendees of this course have taken AWS Security Fundamentals and AWS Security Essentials
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