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Salesforce Mobile for Sales Reps

Salesforce Mobile for Sales Reps

Course Overview

Welcome to the Salesforce app, the robust and versatile way to access Salesforce from a mobile device. This online class is delivered by a live instructor and is specifically designed to teach sales people the basics of the Salesforce app on a mobile device.

The instructor will focus on the features of Salesforce mobile that help sales reps focus on the right deals and the right activities. 

Stony Point's Salesforce Mobile App training course is recommended for sales people with little or no experience with Salesforce mobile, whether they've used Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience or never used Salesforce at all.

A student in this class will learn the basics of managing leads, accounts, contacts and opportunities in the app. In addition, the instructor will show students the basics of activity management and how to utilize the app's flexible, interactive tools to visualize data, run reports and build a plan to win. Finally, the student will learn how to leverage these tools and understand how they help drive deals from Prospecting to ClosedWon.

Each student should bring a mobile device to class and will be given a practice learning environment to participate in hands-on exercises during the class. The student will be able to use that learning environment indefinitely after the class without any additional fee.


  • Introductions / Login to the Salesforce app
  • Overview of the Salesforce app for Sales
  • Working with Leads
  • Working with Accounts
  • Working with Contacts
  • Working with Opportunities
  • Working with Activities
  • Running Reports
  • A Plan to Win
  • Question & Answer


  • None

Delivery Format

  • In-Person
  • Virtual
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