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Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I

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Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I

Course Overview

Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I

Stony Point's Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I training class will teach Javascript development to both new and experienced developers alike. The class prepares students to take and pass the Salesforce Javascript Developer I Certification exam. Students completing the class can apply their Javascript knowledge both within and outside of the Salesforce environment.  

This class is delivered by a senior instructor with many years of real-world programming experience and will cover the following topics: 

  • JavaScript Basics
  • Objects, Functions, and Classes
  • Browser and Events
  • Debugging and Error Handling
  • Asynchronous Programming`
  • Server-Side JavaScript using Node.js
  • Testing JavaScript code

As a participant in the class, each student will be given a practice learning environment to use during hands-on exercises during the class. The student will be able to use this learning environment indefinitely after the class without any additional fee. 

Who Should Take This Class

  • Experienced developers seeking to expand JavaScript proficiency
  • Admins and new programmers seeking to learn the basics of JavaScript


  • Strong Computer Skills
  • Knowledge of computer programming concepts recommended but not required

System Requirements

Participants in this class will need the following software pre-installed before class, and their computer must meet the following requirements:

  • Latest version of Salesforce CLI, Visual Studio Code and Salesforce Extension Pack installed
  • Latest version of Node.js and npm installed
  • Latest version of Google Chrome installed and set as the default web browser
  • Ability to create and access an online Salesforce Developer Hub
  • Ability to receive and use Salesforce verification links through their email


  • In-person
  • Virtual

Alternate Class Sessions

  • There are no alternate class sessions scheduled at this time.
  • There are no alternate class sessions avaialable at this time.

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