Consulting, Adoption, and Change Management

Your company is unique and your business processes are complex, so you need a bespoke solution: something more than a “quick start” implementation or off-the-shelf training. Stony Point can help.. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we’ve seen a lot of things. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t… with technology and with user adoption. And we bring that experience to every engagement. Our team of Salesforce experts will help you design and implement a solution that will meet your business needs and ensure a high level of user adoption.

User Adoption

Would you like to increase Salesforce user adoption? We can help. The best user adoption programs incorporate well designed, hands-on, instructor-led training followed by an intentional plan of reinforcement over time. In addition, there needs to be an ongoing commitment and emphasis from front-line managers. Stony Point understands what it takes to get an organization embrace Salesforce. We do it every day.

We can work with your team to design an effective, realistic Salesforce user adoption program that will take into your budget and time constraints.

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Change Management

Without a formal Change Management strategy in place, it doesn’t matter how well Salesforce was designed. If people don’t change how they do their job, then you can’t ultimately achieve what you set out to do in the beginning. Change Management is the application of a structured process and set of tools for leading the people side of change to achieve a desired outcome. Stony Point follows the prescribed strategies and leverages the tools from the Prosci® Change Management program and their ADKAR Methodology. Stony Point ensures that we have the best chance of success in managing both individual and organizational outcomes, and maximizing your Salesforce ROI.

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Curriculum Development

Whether you’re planning an intense session at your annual Sales Kick-Off, you need to provide hands-on training to your operations team on how to use a new custom app, or you’ve purchased a digital adoption platform and need help writing the content, Stony Point can assist you with curriculum development. We’re experts at understanding and internalizing new technology quickly and then crafting learning experiences that educate users from the most tech savvy developers to the business users who resist new technology.

We’ve developed training curriculum for new Salesforce implementations, Lightning migrations, highly customized apps used by Federal Government agencies, and even Salesforce AppExchange products like FinancialForce and Nintex. Our process ensures the training fits the unique needs of your company, its employees, and their various learning styles. We spend the necessary time getting to know your company and the stakeholders, then designing and building the best curriculum for the situation. Leverage our experience and our deep Salesforce knowledge to develop your curriculum, whether you want us to deliver it or you plan to train-the-trainer and handle the delivery, yourself.

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Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce Adoption is easier and more effective when the system is configured to align with business processes. Our Salesforce Consulting Practice can help in several ways:

Custom Salesforce Implementation

Organizations with complex processes require a system designed and configured specifically for their needs. Our approach is designed for a successful Salesforce implementation that leads to high user adoption.

Salesforce Re-implementation

If you have had Salesforce for a while and are having issues with adoption, Stony Point will interview your stakeholders, review your Salesforce configuration, and help you get the system--and your users--back on track.

Program Management & Governance

Any healthy Salesforce organization has a process for ongoing Program Management & Governance. Stony Point helps customers put in place processes for change management, incident management, enhancement and release management, and onboarding and training of new employees.

Custom System Development & Integration

Our developers have helped customers develop everything from mobile applications integrated with a Salesforce Customer Community to the custom content management system driving a website and class registration system. Whether it's Apex, Visualforce, Heroku, Lightning, or Einstein Analytics, our team can develop the custom functionality you need.

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