Digadop Digital Adoption Program

Improve Salesforce adoption with minimal effort!

Context-sensitive help built into Salesforce

What is Digadop?

Digadop is an easy way to improve user adoption.

Digadop is short for digital adoption consists of a suite of products designed to improve and measure user adoption in addition to managing the learning lifecycle of employees. Digadop currently consists of three products, Digadop Help, Digadop Questions and Digadop Learning Management. These three products combined provide a powerful platform to help employees grow and improve to help get the most out of software you've already invested in.

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Digadop Help

Digadop Help delivers context sensitive help to users directly within Salesforce using a simple component that integrates directly into Salesforce pages.


  • Reinforce End User Training
  • Increase User Effectiveness
  • Reduce Support Calls & Help Requests
  • Improve Release Management

  • Easily Deliver Videos, Articles, Files and Links

  • Target Content based on Profile, User Interface, Device, Application, Page, Object and Record Type

  • Install & Configure in Minutes!
  • No Coding Needed

Digadop Questions

Digadop Questions is a learning assessment tool that can be used to deliver quizes, tests and exams using the concept of deliveries. Deliveries can be targeted to specific groups of users or be publicly accessible. Publicly accessible deliveries can be password protected or open for anyone. Each delivery can be graded and analyzed on its own or be combined with other deliveries to be analyzed.

The tool is tightly integrated with Digadop Help and allows the delivery of knowledge checks directly within Salesforce. Knowledge checks can be used to assess training effectiveness and measure the knowledge of users while also providing correct answers to missed questions to drive understanding and increase user adoption.

Coming in 2024

Digadop Learning Management

Digadop Learning Management allows organizations to create, assign, and monitor their learners. It is tightly integrated with both Digadop Help and Digadop Questions, giving organizations the ability to deliver, track and measure competencies related to software utilization as well as any other skills desired.

The system allows you to create complex courses with an unlimited number of modules and amount of content. Organizations can build complex learning paths and assign them to users to ensure a relevant and productive learning experience.

Coming in 2025

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