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Select Tech Achieves Diversity Goals with Inaugural Class

Select Tech Achieves Diversity Goals with Inaugural Class

GAINESVILLE, FLA., October. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/

The Select Institute of Technology's inaugural semester kicked-off this month with a large portion of its student body composed of families of veterans, women and minorities.

"To ensure our programs are attainable for students, we proudly offer multiple academic and diversity-related scholarships for those who qualify," said Select Institute of Technology President Steve Wasula. "We are particularly proud of the scholarships and opportunities we provide for military members and veterans, women and minorities."

The inaugural class met diversity and scholarship goals set by the school, including:

  • Scholarships:
    • Every student earned at least 1 scholarship, on average of $3,100
  • Military and Veterans:
    • 20% of the class are children of veterans
  • Women:
    • 60% of the class are women
  • Minorities:
    • 70% of the class are minorities
  • Continuing Education
    • 80% of students have attended college
    • Students have an average of 11.1 years of work experience

Select Institute of Technology is a post-secondary virtual vocational school offering training courses in Information Technology and specifically the Salesforce® platform. Approved by the Florida Commission for Independent Education, Select Institute's goal is to open doors and provide training to those wanting to enter and thrive in the ever-growing Salesforce ecosystem.

Utilized by nearly 200,000 companies, Salesforce generates 4.2 million jobs with nearly 60,000 active jobs listed on leading job boards.   

"People want better career opportunities; and, for some students, following the path of traditional higher education often doesn't result in a great career related to what you studied," said Wasula. "Select Institute aims to provide an educational environment that prepares our students for a high-paying, in-demand career in only 12 weeks. We will provide all the necessary resources to develop high-value technology skills and assist our students in starting their career after graduation."

About Select Institute

Select Institute of Technology, a subsidiary of Stony Point, is a technology-based school that teaches the skills students need to join the expanding Salesforce® ecosystem. We leverage the best technologies, practices, and industry partners to achieve our overall mission of helping our graduates start, build or advance their careers. Select Institute of Technology offers two diploma programs in Salesforce® Administrator and Salesforce® Developer. To learn more, please visit

About Stony Point

Stony Point, Inc., a Salesforce® Consulting. Stony Point helps global organizations improve their return on investment in Salesforce® by providing comprehensive Salesforce® end-user training & adoption, Salesforce® technical training, change management, recruiting, permanent placement and staffing services. To learn more about Stony Point, please visit

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