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Class Pass Transforms How Companies Provide Salesforce Training

Class Pass Transforms How Companies Provide Salesforce Training

GAINESVILLE, Fla., Dec. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Stony Point has transformed how companies approach Salesforce training with its innovative Class Pass program.  

Class Pass works as an annual pass granting members access to unlimited instructor-led, virtual Salesforce training classes. Class Pass provides several beneficial solutions to companies such as: 


Cost Efficient Salesforce Training 

Students can take multiple classes throughout the year for little more than the price of a single class, which can save corporate trainers up to 90% off traditional Salesforce training classes. 

Rapid Training 

Employers can place many employees in various classes allowing them to train entire teams faster than traditional self-paced training programs or by procuring individual training classes for each employee.

Logistics and Planning 

Corporate trainers can use Class Pass as a turn-key training outlet allowing them to focus more on training results and less on the logistics, planning and man-hours needed to execute the training in-house. 

New Hire Salesforce Training

Employers can place new hires into Salesforce training classes, as they on-board, throughout the year. This will allow leaders to ensure new hires are up to date with the Salesforce skills they need to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact to the organization.

Current Employee Salesforce Upskilling:

Employers can place existing and high performing Salesforce technologists into programs that further extend their skills allowing them the ability to rapidly earn Salesforce certifications.

Salesforce Refresher Courses

Students can take classes at any time, with an active pass, allowing them to freshen up skills on which they struggle


Several companies have benefited from the Stony Point Class Pass program and transformed how they approach Salesforce Training. 

"Stony Point's Class Pass has been an effective --and extremely cost-efficient-- way to get our new hires up to speed on Salesforce fast," said Alex Sutherland, Salesforce Practice Director, Liberty IT Solution. "It also provided our more senior people an accelerated path to earning additional Salesforce Certifications."  

Visit Class Pass to learn how Stony Point and Class Pass can provide solutions for your Salesforce training needs. 

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