Improve the overall sales performance of your team by leveraging Salesforce more effectively.

What is ProSell?

Stony Point and have partnered to bring you ProSell.

ProSell focuses on four areas:

  • Defining your Sales Team’s selling strategy (the “Game Plan”)
  • Aligning Salesforce to the Game Plan
  • Improving the team’s utilization of Salesforce
  • Enhancing your Sales Managers’ ability to drive change

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Benefits of ProSell

ProSell leverages elements of effective Sales Management strategy, Value-Based Selling training methodologies, the proper alignment of Salesforce Sales Cloud, Digital Adoption technology (Digadop) and Change Management best practices.

ProSell is the culmination of years of experience training sales teams on Salesforce and leading them through successful change. We recommend you do it this way, because we know that it works.

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Why ProSell?

It’s simple actually. A 4-hour Salesforce Training session isn’t going to solve your Adoption issues. If it was really that easy, you wouldn’t be here reading this right now.

Getting sales teams to use Salesforce consistently and effectively to the point where it actually improves sales performance doesn’t take a few hours. It takes a few weeks.

With the ProSell Training and Adoption program, we’re with you every step of the way for the next 3 months.

Is it a lot of work? You bet! Is it worth it? Well, we think so. And we’re willing to bet that you will too.

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Who should leverage ProSell?

Organizations that have:

  • had Salesforce but feel it's not there needs
  • had a system implementation more than 2 years ago
  • recently completely acquisitions or mergers
  • struggled with successful change initiatives
  • a new or existing sales methodology
  • a need for a sales strategy or game plan

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