Success Story for Retraining for Better Adoption of Salesforce

Customer Details

  • Surlean Foods is a custom food manufacturer that creates and provides food for many national restaurant chains. 
  • Employees: 101-500

  • Location(s): San Antonio

  • Industry: Hospitality, Travel, and Transportation, Manufacturing


Surlean Foods engaged Stony Point when they first implemented Salesforce. That original engagement was to build and deliver a custom training course for the sales team. Following a similar flow and format of Stony Point’s publicly available class, Introduction to Salesforce for Sales (SPSA-101). This scenario-based, hands-on, instructor-led training program was effective and well received. A year after the initial training the adoption of Salesforce was still not at 100% throughout the organization. Many of the team members had reverted back to their previous mechanisms, including using email, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents.
Stony Point and Surlean Foods identified three main reasons the full adoption did not initially take hold:
• the key Salesforce champion inside Surlean Foods left the company soon after the training
• there was no follow-up after the training
• company management was engaged in bigger projects

To address this adoption problem, Surlean Foods reengaged Stony Point for a comprehensive adoption program that would improve adoption within the sales, product development and procurement teams.


Stony Point’s solution to ensure the adoption of Salesforce at Surlean Foods included two new on-site sessions plus some additional configuration:

Salesforce for Sales Leaders session – The first on-site session was a one day workshop with managers and executives. Stony Point was able to understand how Surlean Foods expected the sales process to work, what
their current pain points were, and help the managers and executives understand the value of Salesforce for meeting their objectives as sales leaders.
Seven key topics were addressed in this session:
• The sales process, including how Leads, Opportunities, and Opportunity Stages are handled
• Account management
• Activity management and the tasks they want their sales reps to do in a day
• Reports needed
• Forecasting
• How Chatter could be used
• Pipeline review meetings and the data sales leaders need for them

Additional Configuration – After defining the processes and gathering information, Stony Point led the project team in a system-wide review to see how closely the existing Salesforce configuration mirrored the real-life
processes and how effectively it could capture all the needed information. Over 80 items required some level of configuration or customization to make the system into a more valuable tool. A Stony Point developer
effectively completed those changes.

Introduction to Salesforce for Sales Teams session – With Salesforce now totally aligned with the sales process and desired customizations in place, the second and final on-site session was delivered. This session 
consisted of formal instructor-led, hands-on, scenario-based training for all the end users as well as their managers.


Surlean Foods now has Salesforce properly configured to reflect their business needs and a new executive committed to driving the Salesforce adoption. With a renewed training focus that began with the front line sales leaders, Surlean Foods is now seeing significantly improved adoption and is now getting the value out of Salesforce that they had hoped for all along.

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